Who are we?
Consulting with a passionate focus for delivering profitable growth solutions

Mercure Ventures Ltd is focused on delivering management consultancy and project realisation management solutions. The organisation has been established by combining a network of professionals and specialists with a proven expertise in all aspects of consulting, delivering proven senior management solutions. Mercure Ventures has put at the heart of their approach to pro-actively assist their clients in achieving structural and profitable growth

Our core values

Our expertise has been the result of our extensive experience with supporting and assisting organisations in achieving their objectives for growth (both autonomously and via acquisitions).

Mercure Ventures are leaders in providing in providing the following services:
independent consulting, change & interim management and project realisation management;
with a (cross border) network of experienced professionals;
focussed on engineering and executing (corporate) turnarounds and recovery projects;
with hands-on management of large-scale change programmes;
a customised and unique application of our VRP-concept (vision, resourcefulness and persistence);
with our clients, a shared project risk management approach which differentiates us from many of our competitors and by which we commit ourselves to the pre-set objectives
expertise in outsourcing critical business processes to offshore and near-shore locations

Through their extensive network, Mercure Ventures has access to a wide-ranging national and international expertise and experience. Mercure Ventures is also an affiliated AG-Trust company, an investment company that where appropriate can participate in Mercure Ventures projects.

What is our proposition?

Mercure Ventures business proposition is focussed on delivering consulting and project-management solutions to medium-sized and large companies on critical strategic and operational business issues. The unique selling proposition (USP) of our services is to offer our clients a transparent and result-focussed process, value-optimising commercial strategies (design and deployment) as well as targeted business process improvements. Our aim with this approach is to optimise and enhance our client's financial returns.

When appropriate, our consultancy and change management approach will also make use of embedded knowledge and experience in organisational design and development in order to meet the client's pre-set objectives. Project realisation management© could be applied as a methodology, which has been developed on the basis of our specific knowledge and experience acquired in various large-scale and complex projects in an international setting. This unique methodology is partly based on the "value optimisation planning approach®", which includes the use of software driven analysis.

Our team of specialists consists of experienced professionals with a wide-ranging (inter)national experience gained at Board and Senior management level. Our professionals are experienced in both consulting and corporate industry (i.e. in transport & logistics, financials, ICT) in various line-management positions.

What is our focus?

Our expertise is built around establishing profitable (business) growth with our clients as well as improving their profitability by substantially enhancing the company's efficiency. As a result of our specific expertise, we are in most instances involved in engineering and executing corporate turnarounds and corporate recovery projects.

We have also been involved in various take-overs and buy-outs of medium-sized organisations both autonomously as well as in partnership with the prospective buyer/seller or with a private equity investment company. Furthermore is our client-base made up of (medium-sized and large organisations in the services industry seeking assistance in achieving their targeted revenue growth and/or efficiency objectives.

How do we work?

Contrary to many consulting and project management organisations, that predominantly charge on a time and materials basis, Mercure Ventures applies in close discussions with her clients a shared-risk approach whereby we commit ourselves to pre-agreed project deliverables. Depending on the nature of the project this could be ranging from working on a result-focussed bonus fee to taking an equity stake in (part of) the business and/or project.

At the heart of our approach sits the VRP-concept, whereby our vision, resourcefulness and persistence are present without exception in the execution of all our activities. Our compensation is always based on the impact and success of the services that we deliver.

Our track record

Our consultants and project specialists have an extensive and successful history in managing strategic turnarounds, profitability improvement programmes and generating business growth. Prior to the start of each project, clear and indisputable agreements are reached with our clients relating to achievable results and project terms & conditions. Based on these agreements, firm commitments are then formalised with the client whereby past experience thought us that successful projects are the immediate result of a carefully planned implementation process.

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